Cardiology Practices              Tc99m imaging agents for the heart, Tl201 and pharmalogic stress agents, including Adenosine,

                                                                     Persantine,   Dobutamine and patient specific requested dispensing.




Diagnostic Centers           Tc99m imaging agents,  WBC labeling, and I-131 capsules for therapy.

Flood Sources                            All flood sources for cameras, single channel analyzer, dose calibrators, including Gadolinium and 

                                                                   Germanium sources. Removal of old source and preparation of documents for disposal are always

                                                                   included in the price of the new source. 


HOT Lab                                           All accessories and State requirements to operate a nuclear hot lab.


PET Centers                                 Tc99m for dose calibrators and linearity.



 Hospitals                                       Tc99m imaging agents,  WBC labeling, and I-131 capsules for therapy and ablations.